The Albuquerque Journal

The Albuquerque Journal: A Story of HistoryThe Albuquerque Journal is a home-owned, independent morning newspaper, which is a rarity in today’s conglomerate-run newspaper industry.  Published 365 days a year, the Albuquerque Journal circulates throughout New Mexico.
First in the state.·    The Albuquerque Journal traces its history to 1880. It is the successor to a newspaper called the Golden Gate, which was established in June of that year. In the fall of 1880, the owner of the Golden Gate died and Journal Publishing Company was founded. The first Albuquerque Daily Journal was published on Oct. 14, 1880.

·         The Daily Journal was published on a single sheet of newsprint, folded to make four pages.  Those pages were divided into five columns, and the headlines were miniature compared to those of today.  Advertising appeared on the front page.  The Daily Journal was published in the evening until the first Territorial Fair opened in October 1881.  On Oct. 4 of that year, a morning Journal was published to record the day’s events at the fair.  The morning Journal continued for six issues.  The last issue was published on Sunday, Oct. 9 – making it the first Sunday newspaper ever to appear in Albuquerque.

·         The Daily Journal was first published in Old Town, a present-day tourist attraction near downtown Albuquerque.  In 1882 it moved to the “new” town near the railroad tracks.  The operation was housed in a single room at Second and Silver streets.  That year the evening paper was discontinued and the Albuquerque Morning Journal appeared.  The Morning Journal continued until 1887, when it was absorbed by the Albuquerque Daily Democrat, a newspaper founded in Santa Fe which had moved to Albuquerque.

·         The paper’s name changed again in 1899 to the Albuquerque Journal-Democrat.  A change in policy necessitated the dropping of Democrat from the paper’s name in 1903, and it appeared again as the Albuquerque Morning Journal.  Since 1925, the paper has been known as the Albuquerque Journal and followed an independent editorial policy.

What we do best.

·         As New Mexico’s oldest, largest and only statewide newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal not only keeps the state’s citizens informed, it keeps them connected.  The newspaper has always been a forum for public debate and a medium for information, providing news coverage on important issues throughout the city, state and country.

·         The Journal is home to some of the state’s best-known journalists and cartoonist John Trever.  The Journal’s desks keep readers informed and involved with a wide variety of issues.

·         The newspaper prides itself on keeping up with the latest technology and provides a vast array of services to its readers.  The Journal’s website hosts thousands of pages of news, features and information, as well as online advertising for readers.  In print, the Journal publishes five editions a day – to provide readers with up-to-date information.

Family owned; family managed.

·         The Journal Publishing Co. is headed by brothers T.H. and W.P. Lang.  T.H. Lang, president/publisher, has a longstanding interest in the state.  An Albuquerque native who attended the University of New Mexico, T.H. Lang has been at the helm of the Journal since 1971.  He has expanded the newspaper’s presence throughout New Mexico and established Journal bureaus in Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Washington, D.C.

·         “The Journal has always been the newspaper of record for the state, and I want our coverage and reach to live up to that,” Lang said.

·         In addition to the Journal’s four-star or final edition, the newspaper also publishes news and advertising sections emphasizing different regions, including the Journal North; Journal Santa Fe; the West Side Journal, covering the metro area’s West Side; and the Rio Rancho Journal, covering Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo and Sandoval County.

·         In keeping with his philosophy of being the newspaper of record and information, Lang maintains an investigative team specializing in in-depth reporting on the people and institutions that affect the lives of New Mexicans.  He also has fought against secrecy in government.

·         “Newspapers are empowered by the people under the First Amendment to report and record for the people in our free society.  This is a duty and a privilege,” Lang said.

Reaching beyond.

·         Lang also has extended the newsroom’s reach outside state borders. The newspaper has sent reporters to cover the Death Squads in El Salvador, politics in Mexico, the economic crunch in Russia, floods in Honduras, earthquakes in San Francisco and Hurricane Katrina.

·         Community outreach also is a commitment met by the Journal Publishing Co.  The Journal has awarded more than a half million dollars in college scholarships since 1984.  The Journal also sponsors many events, seminars, fairs and other activities aimed at benefiting charitable organizations.

·         “We are committed to participate in the progress and promise of New Mexico and Albuquerque,” Lang says.

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