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Advertising: Our advertising sales representatives are knowledgeable professionals ready to assist you in your advertising decisions, from display and classified advertising to national and preprint inserts! Display advertising call 505-823-3312; classified advertising call 505-823-4444 or toll free out of state 1-800-641-3451; national advertising call 505-823-3390; and preprint advertisers call 505-823-3306.
Circulation: Subscribe today for print and online services simply by calling 505-823-4400 for Albuquerque residents and 1-800-577-8683 outside Albuquerque. Our customer service staff is ready to serve you!
Marketing: Contact the marketing department with requests or questions regarding events, community involvement and promotions. Complete information and request forms are available on this site or you may choose to call 505-823-3500.
Library services: The APC library, located at 7777 Jefferson NE and open M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., sells back issues of all editions of the Albuquerque Journal. The library also sells Journal photos, full page prints and copies from microfilm. Call 505-823-3490 for prices and availability.If you have questions about reprinting Journal articles or photographs, contact the library staff at 505-823-3492. A reprint permission request form can be emailed or sent to you. Fees to reuse Journal material vary depending on the type of use.

Assistance in locating past stories is also available from library staff.

Human Resources: Human Resources provides information regarding employment opportunities with Albuquerque Publishing Company. To inquire on current job opportunities, please call our jobline at 505-823-3259, fax your resume to 505-823-3207 or e-mail
Newspapers in Education: Newspapers in Education provides newspapers and curriculum materials to New Mexico schools for use in the classroom. Contact NIE to request papers or to become a sponsor. Call 505-823-3501 for more information.

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